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Single Girder Cranes ( EOT Cranes )

Single Girder EOT Cranes

Among the mainly used options, single girder EOT crane is the preferred one by most industries. These cranes are operated electrically and are used in almost all kinds of industrial sectors. More often than not, industries put them to use for medium duty tasks.

S. Cranes offers end platforms along with Single Girder EOT crane for maintenance purpose only. The single girder crane comprise of different components including the likes of one main girder, a wire rope hoist with electric trolley, and two end carriages. They can be accommodated with the given LT bracket and rail height to achieve maximum height of lift. S. Cranes assures its customers that the cranes can be utilized in perilous areas as well. They also provide semi EOT cranes with a single or double motions manual. Individuals can select the ideal alternative and be assured of receiving good value on their investment.

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An optimal area coverage can be achieved by providing the overhang on both sides of the under slung crane. The highest position can be increased by a suitable crane and end carriage design.

    Single Girder

    EOT Cranes

    When it comes to the safety, the distance to the ceiling of a building for these cranes, usually no precise number is mentioned. All single girder E.O.T cranes are offered with an extensive range of fixing arrangements that have been designed to fit all available spaces with ease. Since S.Cranes customizes the design as well as the manufacturing process, they request customers to provide clear dimensions of the building, bracket & gantry height etc.
    Their experience in this field of work enables the experts to design EOT cranes that meet the exact requirements of their customers like the height of lift, hook approaches etc. This type of cranes are generally used for light or medium duty jobs and are economical compared to Double Girder cranes. The single girder EOT crane consists of a main girder under, on which a hoist unit with trolley is moving on the lower flange. Two end carriages with wheels are fixed below the main girder at two ends. Both the end, carriages move on two parallel rails (with crane unit) across the entire bay. The rails are generally square bars, which are welded on the two parallel gantry girders. The single girder EOT crane can cover almost the entire shop area, for material lifting and shifting purposes. Normally there is no maximum safety distance to the ceiling of the building for single girder cranes with a load capacity range of up to 10 T. This makes it a master at saving space even in buildings with unfavorable dimensions. The crane girder is constructed from robust profiles. Using a comprehensive range of fixing arrangements the traveling cranes can be designed to fit the available space. All we need for the planning stage of the crane system are the clear dimensions of the building. We will then design the crane individually for you.

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