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Jib Cranes Provider in India

Jib Cranes Provider in India

Among the many varieties of horizontal cranes, jib cranes come up as a reliable alternative. One of their distinct features, as compared to other cranes, is that they are used in areas with a certain obligation of material handling with space constraints.

Other than in industrial spaces, they are also deployed on vehicles used by the traffic police / military. Its structure enables the equipment to swing through an arc or give an additional movement to the same. They come fitted with hoists on the boom or arm so that goods can be reached without any complexities. The experience of S.Cranes enables them to minimize the human effort, as they can effectively load heavy weights with ease. Just like other cranes, even their design is compact making them easy to maintain and operate. These machines are created with single as well as dual-disc electromagnetic DC brakes that feature automatic braking when the power fails.

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An optimal area coverage can be achieved by providing the overhang on both sides of the under slung crane. The highest position can be increased by a suitable crane and end carriage design.

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