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Gantry OR Goliath Crane

Gantry OR Goliath Crane

The best feature about the gantry crane is that it can be used for indoor as well as outdoor functionalities. More often than not, they can be seen being operated in open yards or compounds.

They can also be used for sheds where columns do not have enough strength for overhead cranes to be stationed on them. Gantry EOT cranes can also be utilised in open compounds of cement plants. Besides that, they can be used at the sites of flyovers and bridges that have cement girders. Even the heavy fabrication yards make use of these Gantry or Goliath cranes. The manufacturers design the main girder considering class, frequency of operation and duty cycle. Basically, the girder could be of different types, including RSJ, plate box or truss. Depending on the model chosen by the customers, these cranes may also sport a double girder design.

On the website of a reliable manufacturer like S.Cranes , individuals can come across a number of varieties among goliath EOT crane. They can browse through different features and acquire instant quotes on the equipment they desire to buy. S.Cranes assures that their designs have compact dimensions and are low weight as well as easy to operate.

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Crane Range
An optimal area coverage can be achieved by providing the overhang on both sides of the under slung crane. The highest position can be increased by a suitable crane and end carriage design

    Goliath Crane

    Gantry OR

    These GANTRY CRANES/ GOLIATH Cranes can be seen working in open compounds of cement plants, casting of cement girders for bridges/ flyovers. These GANTRY CRANES/ GOLIATH Cranes are also seen being widely used in heavy fabrication yards. We have supplied several such GANTRY/ GOLIATH CRANES to L & T in Hazira, Orrisa and Oman.
    Main Girder : The girder is designed considering the class, the frequency of operation & the duty cycle. The girder could be RSJ type, plate box type or truss type for single girder with its bottom flange as path for trolley of hoist. The girder could also have a double girder design for heavy duty applications, Where a suitable track is provided on top of the girders for travel of crab wheels.

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