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Freight Elevators

Freight Elevators

Wire Rope Electric hoist ( rope drum type ) drive goods Lifts – This lift is simpler in design and suited for low cost installations.

The movement of the lift is based on the coiling and uncoiling of a wire rope on a rotating drum. This leads to lesser rope stress and longer life. These lifts quicker to install and require lesser space and and are economical.

Capacity – 0.25 Ton Onwards

b) Traction drive type goods lifts – This lift is a better machine design wise and also offers greater safety to the user. This is achieved first through the use of 3 or more independent wire ropes stretched across the main traction sheave. Second, there being no positive coupling between the lift and the machine leads to greater safety as a slip is permitted whenever there is an obstruction to the lift travel. Unlike in the drum wound design there is no overload on the motor; in case of lift overshooting at the top floor. Jerk free, smooth, higher speed travel is possible using traction drive type goods lift.


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Crane Range

An optimal area coverage can be achieved by providing the overhang on both sides of the under slung crane. The highest position can be increased by a suitable crane and end carriage design.


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    0.5 Tons Onwards

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