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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric wire rope hoist offered by reputable manufacturers i.e. S.Cranes is made by using the highest quality brands. Where they use a trademark like Siemens for crane duty motors, Laptron and Usha Martin are utilized to manufacture limit switches and wire rope, respectively.

When it comes to quantity, S. Cranes has the ability to offer up to 20 T capacity wire rope hoists or as per the requirement of their customers. Industries use these electric wire rope hoists along with electric trolley for Single Girder S G EOT cranes or another alternative like a fixed suspension type for applications involving goods lifting. Some of the characteristics of these electric wire rope hoist include high lift and speed as well as slow speed with variable voltage frequency drive. The goods designed by S.Cranes vary from one another in regards with specifications. Nevertheless, they are created in such a way by S.Cranes, that the equipments deliver unparalleled performance.

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Crane Range

An optimal area coverage can be achieved by providing the overhang on both sides of the under slung crane. The highest position can be increased by a suitable crane and end carriage desig

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    0.5 Tons Onwards

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    0.5 Mtr to 18 Mtr.

Rope Hoist

Electric Wire

Among other alternatives, S.Cranes even offer flameproof duty electric wire rope hoists. S. Cranes always offer these products with CMRI approved electrical items such as pendant panel, brake and motor.

One of the best aspects of these hoists is that they can be used for any type of industry work. The producers guarantee durability and top performance to all customers. Even the prices charged on them are marginal as compared to others. By combining quality products with reasonable pricing, S.Cranes delivers customer satisfaction.

The electric wire rope hoists are made as per BIS no 3938,while the flameproof electric wire rope hoists are made suitable gas group  I,IIA and IIB of BIS no  2148and temperature class T3 of BIS no 5571.

The electric rope hoist can be designed as per the job application, usage (medium/heavy duty),required lift/hoisting speed/ cross travel speed,

the travel path (straight or curved)etc.S.Cranes also offers electric wire rope hoist with a monorail structure.

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special features

  • Limit Switches

    To prevent over Hoisting & over lowering of hook. Positive action limit switch will prevent over travel beyond set limits in either direction. (Optional if desired for CT and LT).

  • Push Button Stations

    Extra light, handy, easy to operate, aluminium, fabricated from extruded section. Weather proof as standard, giving sure grip, one handed control, Station has built in steel strain relief, permits pulling of unloaded hoist along track. ROCKER switches in certain designs.


  • Independent push button station for bulky jobs.
  • Limit switches in cross travel drive.
  • Two speeds in all drives.
  • Flame proof Hoists suitable for Gas Group I, IA & IIB.

Standard Features

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    Compact dimensions, low weight, easy to operate and easy to maintain, modular design with direct fits between components. Generally in accordance with IS 3938.

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    Every component & part is thoroughly scrubbed & painted with two coats of primer before assembly & two coats of synthetic enamel/automotive paint after testing.

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    Gear Boxes

    Precision flat helical/ spur gear units with case-hardened gears, high-grade surface treatment and permanent oil/grease lubrication. Newer designs are lighter in weight because of improved material strength & manufacturing techniques

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    We uses sturdy cylindrical rotor pole-changing motors with elegant continuous cast aluminium sections, integrated safety brakes. Insulation class – F, Protection- IP54. Specifically designed for high starting torque hoisting service, half-hour rated with permanently lubricated bearings suitable for frequent reversals as well as braking.

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    Single/ Dual-disc electromagnetic DC brakes featuring automatic braking on power failure. Environmentally sound brake linings designed for approx. 1 million braking operations allow long maintenance intervals.

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    Electrical Panel

    Modular design, covering a very wide operating range. The panels are designed for ease of installation, maintenance and reliable operation, with, fuseless circuitry. Each drive group is equipped with a motor overload protection device to provide effective protection against inadmissible overloading. Control circuit provides reduced voltage at the Push Button station, with 110 volts being standard. Also, a relay to prevent phase failure and phase sequence change at the incoming. Modular soft starts for cross and long travel motors, ensures, operation is much more gentle on components, lowering shock loads and heat buildup.

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    Supporting structure, Trolleys and Drive Systems

    The trolley types are the result of integrating standard hoists in chassis designed for different applications and combining them with various types of travelling gear. In addition articulated joints ensure that all four wheels are always firmly positioned on the tracks and that the wheel loads are properly distributed in accordance with the structural design of the system.

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